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Welcome to my Author's Page!   You've probably guessed that it's all a sneaky trick to get you to read my stories, but that's okay. The stories are fun, have zero calories, and are entertaining. Maybe a little thought-provoking - and life is too short not to have a few thoughts provoked!   

Genre-wise, I start with mystery, but end up in science-fiction, so be prepared. I even throw in a little romance and humor (remember what I said about the fun). It even slips in a few comments about the meaning of life.

I hope you enjoy the "Wolves" series! There will be more to come, both there and in Ancient Rome!


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So, I gave up the right to remain silent.

Okay, folks, I've had real jobs. I was a police officer way back in another century.  I was a good cop (even if I did wreck a few cars; sorry about that, Sarge).  And I was right about it not being dull - I had adventures along the way and learned a lot.  I helped some people out, tracked a burglar through the snow and found a missing kid. I even rescued a few damsels in distress. I offered to shoot a few bad guys but never had to pull the trigger - they listened when I said 'freeze!'  After a while, I got tired of criminals, perverts, and dead people - it was time for a change.  So, I got another degree and changed careers to Human Resources for a while. I worked in hospitals & utilities in Florida, Alaska & California. It was a day job and I got weekends off.  Then I retired.

Now I do what I want and decided to write a few things down. When deciding about genre, the police stuff sounded way more interesting than HR (lucky you, this could've been really boring).  My goals now are to spend time with my daughter and use what I've learned to entertain (and maybe enlighten) both myself as well as any readers who wander by.

Oh by the way, some things in the books are real.  I used to specialize in high-speed pursuits, I've been to the morgue on a cold winter morning, and I've talked to lots of scuffed-up people in ERs. I've also seen a lot of messed up lives.  But (and this is key) I also tend to exaggerate and some things I made up. You'll have to figure those parts out in the books yourself. That's why it's called fiction.

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