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So, I gave up the right to remain silent

Look, people, I've had real jobs . I was a police officer for 11.5 years way back in another century.  I learned a lot, helped some people and even rescued a few damsels in distress. I offered to shoot a few bad guys but never did, they listened and 'froze' (I think that was the key word).  After a while, I got tired of dealing with criminals, perverts, and dead people and needed a change.  So I got another degree and did Human Resources (in hospitals & utilities).  It was a day job and I got (most) weekends off.  Then I retired.

Now that I have the time to do what I really want, I decided to write a few things down. The police stuff sounded more interesting than HR (lucky you, this could've been really boring).  My goal is to spend time with my daughter and try to use what I've learned  to entertain (and maybe enlighten) myself and any readers who wander by.

Oh,  and some things in the books are real.  I used to specialize in high-speed pursuits, I've been to the morgue on a cold winter morning and talked to lots of people in ERs. I've also seen a lot of messed up lives.  But I do tend to exaggerate, so some things I made up. You'll have to figure those parts out yourself. That's why it's called fiction, folks.


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