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Who am I and what am I doing here?

So, I gave up the right to remain silent

Look, people, I've had real jobs - I was a police officer for 11.5 years way back in another century.  I learned a lot, rescued a few damsels in distress, and offered to shoot a few people (but never did). After a while, I got tired of dealing with criminals, perverts, and dead people; it's a long story.  So I got another degree and did Human Resources (mostly in hospitals) for some more years.  It was a day job and I got (most) weekends off.  Then I retired.

To keep myself busy, sane, and happy, I decided to write. The police stuff sounded WAY more interesting than HR (lucky you, this coulda been really boring).  My goal now is to see my daughter as much as I can, and entertain (any maybe enlighten) myself and any readers who come along.

Oh, as I said, it's a long story: some things in the books are real - I used to specialize in high speed chases, I talked to hundreds of people in the ER and I've seen a lot of messed up lives.  Some things I made up. You'll have to figure those parts out - that's why it's called fiction, folks.

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