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Portfolio of Work

Everyone has a Past - a Present - and a Future

The Past

Police work the way I did it, was to help people.  That had always been my goal - you treat people fair and do what you can to make their lives better.  If you have to, you may have to put them where they can't get hurt - or where they can't hurt others.  I did that.

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The Present

Most of my time is spent writing now, though I keep fit & flexible with yoga and (at least some) exercise. I also maintain my other skills. I've got enough ideas for future books to keep me busy and I've chosen the self-publishing route because I'm tired of trying to please "gatekeepers."

The Future

I put coins in Rome's Trevi fountain - that means I have to go back.  I'll also go other places as time (and world conditions) permit.  And I'll keep writing, it entertains me if no one else.

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