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Wolves in the Halls

Book 2 of the Exciting Wolves Series

Available Now

Joe Labrea seems to have it made.  He had a beautiful girlfriend, a nice townhouse, and even job security (unless he gets shot).  Now assigned to an exciting FBI task force, he also has an apartment in DC, a (small) Bureau car, and a redheaded partner to share them with.  Joe’s goal is to enjoy (and to continue) his life, and he succeeds in that much better than Andrew Payne. Andrew becomes the task force’s first dead body (an honor he did not seek), and Joe & Ellie work to tie the latest crime in DC to Joe’s murder case of the year before. That one ended in a fiery shootout and left clues that still didn’t add up.

Soon Joe and the task force are chasing murderers through the city and manage to get assistance from Thomas Jefferson himself.  As things start to tie together, they begin to close in on the perpetrator (s?) - but not before someone in the FBI tries to sell them out.  And soon, one of the task force members themself is the next victim.

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