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Wolves in the Hills

Book 1 of the Exciting Wolves Series

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Joe Labrea’s Friday night started out the way they often did, with a dead body.  That was understandable - it was his job.  Assaults, murders, and the occasional bank robbery were his life.  This case began in an upscale office park with the shooting of an ambitious entrepreneur.  There were all the usual ingredients - it was Friday night (these things never happened Monday at 9:00AM), and there was a burglar alarm, a bullet hole, and a dead guy.

It was soon apparent that this was not going to be an ordinary case.  First, the murder itself wasn’t as simple as it looked - of all things, blood was missing.  And, the longer he looked, the stranger it got.  Complicating matters considerably, Joe falls in love with a suspect.  He was sure there was a policy about that, and he generally stayed on the right side of the rules.  Today he missed one.  

In quick succession, Joe manages to get both shot and kidnapped and dives off a cliff in the middle of the night in a - hopefully -successful effort to save his life.