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Wolves on the Light

Book 4 of the Exciting Wolves Series

Available Now

Joe Labrea and his FBI task force are making progress. Some of the world’s most dangerous criminals have been successfully “attrished” by means of shootouts, exploding boats, and dives off the Golden Gate Bridge. Now – maybe - the team can be a little less destructive. Their new (constructive, proactive, please) goal: peacefully contact scattered members of the “gang” who aren’t crazed killers. This means a little traveling, first to Alaska (to find Bigfoot) and then to Rome to locate an old political rival. And then Joe and Ellie take a jaunt into the Southwest desert to capture a drug lord. But, wait, that’s not peaceful; it involves a crazed killer, bodies stacked in the basement, and an exploding tunnel.  And then Joe has to tranquilize a pair of bloodthirsty sociopaths in a country-western bar and lock them in a safe-house in the desert before they kill even more people.

The task force is aided by members of the group they’re pursuing, who risk their own lives – and sanity – to bring this four-hundred-year-long nightmare to a close.  Things continue unpredictably, and both a member of the US Senate and the Russians are soon involved in a life-saving medevac flight that will endanger the entire world! 

An action-filled thriller told with humor and romance!

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