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Wolves in the Sky

Book 5 of the exciting Wolves Series

Available Now

Joe Labrea and his FBI task force have – almost - worked themselves out of a job. That’s good since their job is stopping a group of killers, and the count (of killers) is way down. But they have to finish their assignment quickly – there’s a deadline. At the President’s request, a ‘meeting’ has been scheduled that will change everything. Forever. Representatives of the alien civilization that sent the killers four hundred years ago are coming. And what could possibly go wrong with that?  

There are also a few final complications - two killers are still on the loose seeking their last victims. And one victim may be Joe’s redheaded partner Ellie! To help, Joe has brought in detectives from other planets. One is (almost) human, but the other is nowhere near! 

An action-filled thriller told with humor and romance! 

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