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Wolves on the Rocks

Book 3 of the Exciting Wolves Series

Available Now

Joe Labrea is now in charge of the FBI task force that is hunting down some of the nation’s (read that the world’s) most exceptional criminals.  He got the assignment the way you never want to get it – by attrition.  Everyone on the team is still dealing with that when they find a new case in Savannah, Georgia.  This case carries their unusual MO to new extremes, blood is still missing from crime scenes, but it’s now extracted with a (big) knife.  And it turns out that any similarities to Jack the Ripper are more than coincidental!

They are now aided in their quest by a confidential informant, who is risking his life to take down his former companions.  He reached his breaking point – after four hundred years.  The case continues on its violent path, zig-zagging from Savannah to Washington, and then to Joe’s home in San Francisco, with deadly inevitability.  Joe’s personal life stands to be shattered as he races against time to track down the latest bloodthirsty killer and stop him for good!  The end comes in the usual explosive finish that makes it onto the news – again.

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